Thursday 6 February 2014

Wet 'n' Wild 

Hugely popular, American, budget Make-Up brand, Wet 'n' Wild, comes to Ireland!!!

Wet 'n' Wild Cosmetics has been launched in Ireland, and in our very own, Dunnes Stores! Selected Penney's stores & retailers nationwide will also stock the make-up brand, which ranges in price from just €1.99 to €6.49!!  

Yes the brand-name itself is a tad cringe, but the Wet 'n' Wild cosmetic range has gained worldwide popularity due to the high quality of the make-up range and the fact that it retails at such low prices! Plus, as my LA-based, vegan sister tells me,  Wet 'n' wild is one of the few drugstore make-up brands that do NOT test on animals! Big ups! Guuuuurl, I'm all over this ;)

So what is available and what do I recommend?

The range is pretty extensive so I took HD pics of everything so you can have a look at prices, see what's available, and I swatched pigments on the back of my hand so you can see the colour pay-off. There are a few products within the range that you should avoid, but I also have a few favourites that I highly recommend so I'll start with these.

Wet 'n' Wild COLOR ICON™ BLUSHER €4.49

Beautiful!!! These blushers swatched like a dream! These were one of my faves. Highly pigmented, satin texture, great selection of shades.. They seem to contain a stain that keeps the colour long-lasting, and just the right amount of light-reflecting pigments to give the skin a natural glow,without being glittery. I loved these and at €4.49, they're a steal. Tip: Apply with a very light hand, and tap excess of your brush before applying on your face as a little of this goes a long way ;)

Wet 'n' Wild COLOR ICON™ BROW & EYE LINER €1.99

I love how these pencils are marketed together as brow and eye liners, and there's a varied selection of shades. I picked up the E651 Black Black and theE649 Mink Brown which is a perfect shade for brows.. I've swatched both below, a harsh line for each pencil and a blended line. 
These creamy pencils are fantastic, and at €1.99 each, they are a bargain! The texture reminds me of the MAC eyeliner pencils. And once blended and set, these stay put! Fab ;)

Wet 'n' Wild COLOR ICON™ Eyeshadow Palettes (8 Colours) €6.49, (5 Colours) €5.49 and (3 Colours) €4.49

These eye-shadows are intensely pigmented and excellent value. The matte shades don't give as good a colour pay-off as the satin or shimmering shades but for the price, these are a great deal. The best-selling palettes were the neutral palettes, namely 'Comfort Zone' (Neutral and Olive shades) and 'The Naked Truth', which includes 2 good matte shades and perfect neutrals for any eye look. They were sold out in the first Dunnes Stores I visited, but I picked both palettes up since, and I'm going to do a giveaway on my Facebook page so keep an eye out!! ;)
Below are both palettes..

My favourites of the trios were  'Don't Steal My Thunder' and 'Walking On Eggshells' €4.49. Both highly pigmented, and great for so many eye looks.

My final favourite, (for now ;) I'm sure I'll fall in love with others as time goes on) is...


This is something that everyone should have in their make-up bag, and is my secret to a feminine, defined eye. I never leave the house without a slick of this on the base of my upper lashes. Magic! and it's waterproof too so it will be replacing my GOSH liquid liner.

I chose a Black-Brown for everyday wear, but I'll be picking up another two in black (1 for my Pro Kit) as it'll be perfect for creating a dramatic eye look. the felt tip applicator makes applying it a cinch! and once it has dried, it doesn't budge.

So those are my favourites so far!! I'm looking forward to trying their Foundations and Powders in the coming weeks as I've heard great things about them Stateside.

The Coverall Foundation and Powder range is meant to be way better than previous Wet 'n' Wild base make-up offerings. I'll have to put it to the test!

There's a massive range of nail varnishes most for only €2.99 with the glitter varnishes just an extra euro, and the quality is good. 

They have a wide range of lip products in various finishes, including the famous Megalast lipsticks which are just as good as many expensive ranges. They seem to contain a stain which holds the colour for a long time after it's applied, and retail at only €2.99. 

 Wet 'n' Wild have a selection of good quality mascaras ranging from €2.99 up to €5.49 in price. The Mega Protein Mascara at €2.99 seems to be a favourite with American beauty gurus so this will def be on my shopping list next time!

Watch this space as I'll review more of their products in the near future. ;)

To enter the draw to win one of two Wet 'n' Wild eyeshadow palettes, simply share, like and comment on the link to the Giveaway on my Business Page on Facebook right here!

So have you tried any of these out and what are your favourites? Have you had good/bad experiences with Wet 'n' Wild so far? Please leave any questions or comments below, and thank you for visiting my blog  x x x
Selina x

Selina G Make-Up Artist


  1. Hi just wondering where you found it? Is it available in Sligo? x

    1. Hi! The range is available in selected pharmacies nationwide, there are so many pharmacies in Sligo I'd say it's bound to be in a couple of them. It is also available in Dunnes Stores and Penney's, hope you find it!! ;)

  2. Thanks so much but no joy whatsoever and I've tried pretty much all of them lol! I must check out your fb page and well done on the blog, it looks great x

    1. Aw that's a pity, Hopefully it will arrive in Sligo soon!
      Please do! My Facebook is
      Thank you so much! I've done a couple of youtube videos too which I love doing
      I really appreciate any interest :D
      I just had a peek at your blog, it's fab! I love your writing style, very natural and fun, very informative too ;)
      Thanks again!!

      Selina x x x