Tuesday 5 November 2013

Brows! Brows Brows!

Make-Up & Tools for Perfect Brows

Brows, as we keep hearing 'frame the face'. But what does this mean exactly? Well a lot of make-up techniques serve to draw attention to the centre of the face, and shade/diminish the peripheral of the face. This makes your face appear slimmer and your eyes appear larger! And this is exactly what filling your brows can do for your face.
Having fuller brows is a very youthful feature because, as we grow older, and after years of plucking, our brows become sparser, lighter in colour and unruly.

Brow Colour?

Regarding colour, matching the darkest shade of your own hair colour is usually a good guide and match for your brows. With wax products, go a shade or two lighter than this. Avoid using brow products with red undertones. A charcoal brown suits EVERYONE! Just use lightly if you're blonde. 
Never use black, even if you have black hair.
The arch and the tail of the brow are usually the most defined, and the inner brow is lighter and softer, so be sure to brush this part a little extra to give a natural look to the brow.

What you will Need

  • A Wax product e.g. A Brow Pencil e.g. Catrice Brow Styler Pencil Brow-n-eyed Peas €2.99 in Penneys; MAC Eye Brows Pencil €17.50 Brown Thomas
  • A matte eyeshadow or brow powder (same thing) It MUST be Matte (i.e. no shimmer)
  • A small, angled brush and a brow comb or spool (see pic below) or just wash an old mascara wand.
NOTE: You can buy a brow kit with most of these above items in it, and in various colour shades. Examples: Benefit Brow Zings €34; elf Studio Eyebrow Kit £3.75; HD Brows Brow Palette £19.96; Catrice Eye Brow Set €4.49

How to Fill Brows

Watch my Video Tutorial, Click below...

NB For a natural look use either the brow pencil OR the eyeshadow/brow powder. For a more fuller, dramatic brow use both.

  1. Using a pen or make-up brush handle, map out where your brow should A begin, B arch and C end.

  2. Using a sharp brow-pencil or other wax product, fill the brow using short, straight strokes from the inner corner to the arch. Adjust the angle outwards and downwards slightly, and continue from the arch to the brow end, tapering to a thin end.
  3. Brush your brows through with a spool or brow comb. The more you brush, the softer and more natural the brow looks.
  4. Repeat the above steps with the powder and angled brush for a more dramatic, fuller brow. Brush your brows through again with a spool or brow comb.
  1. Alternatively, for a natural, soft look, use powder only and small, angled brush. 
  2. Begin by outlining the brow, starting along the lower brow line.
  3. Fill the brow using short, straight strokes from the inner corner to the arch. Adjusting the angle outwards and downwards slightly, continue from the arch to the brow end, tapering to a thin end.
  4. Brush your brows through again with a spool or brow comb

Tips and Techniques

  • To further accentuate the brow, apply a highlighter just beneath the brow. You can use a light, beige eyeshadow, and simply apply from beneath the arch towards the tip of the brow.
  • To sharpen the structure of the brow or to clean-up above and around the brow, use concealer on a small, flat concealer brush. Apply above the brow area and along any edges that need sharpening.
  • A wider space between your brows can make your nose appear wider! Don't overdo the waxing or plucking and measure the area where your brows should begin.
  • Filling in your brows may appear drastic and scary at first so if you're a newbie, start off light and brush it through well. 
  • More defined, dramatic eyebrows are necessary for a more dramatic eye-makeup look.
  • Tame unruly brows with a clear or coloured brow gel.
  • A brow mascara is a handy alternative as it colours and shapes the brow.

So grab your make-up bag and give this a try! I hope this helps and if you have any questions or comments, please do so below ;) Show me some Like-love if you want to see more posts like this and don't forget to subscribe! ;)  Thank you!! x

Selina G Make-Up Artist 
Cara Delevingne - Model Famous for her full, dark Brows. Too much?

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